Monday, November 8, 2010

dah 6 bulan angah in my belly

hurm..sebenyanya dah lama x ngadap blog nih ,rasenye last 4month sgt la rajin ,bile lepas dpt taw ada Angah muncul dlm hidupku ini mulalah rase lembik2x bermalas malasan nak buat itu ini ..betull..sangat malas,check this out

Chronology of Angah
1st month- dunno he/she existed in my belly,its on end of June
2nd month-feels like headache and less appetited,and my heart say 'i must go to Guardian to buy  UPT,and yet there's our gud news ,Allah gave us another baby :D. 'alhamdulillah ,syukur setakat ini di masa ini baby Angah sehat,aktif bergerak in my belly. But at this time takla mabuk sgt jez letih letih je n air vomitted jek
3rd month-its my challenge and d been tested by Allah Taala,dalam keadaan baby still in 1st trisemester i need to complete my fasting,Ramadhaan Al Kareem is always been waited every year, n yet i succeed by fasting for a 27days of Ramadhan.3days ponteng,hehehe,2days ponteng coz of sangat la tak larat n one more day i need to ponteng puasa for my baby safety during our flight time(mesti byk minum air semasa di atas flight to get oksigen for 1st trisemester baby coz da pressure at the sky so high n can cause miscarriage. Thank God Angah ok :D .
4th month-Actually this is the time we know about the confirmation date of Angah existence ,huhu.. my belly been scanned and Mrs Doc had decided his/her age right now. owwhh Angah is 4mth already!but unluckily we forgot to ask Mrs Doc either boy or girl Angah is . Da best part is Angah began his/her 'aerospace' movement un my belly ,hehehe.Plus,my condition became better day after day
5th month-

Zaidi's family weekend gateway

2007-2010 we went through all the things at Bumi Kenyalang,so sebelum we all pindah (insyaallah) we all d like to tour Sarawak esp a place nearer to our kampung Spaoh,here we go

kg spaoh (our home village :D )

Monday, August 2, 2010

berita gembira yang membuat ku betul betul bersyukur

alhamdulillah ,10 julai 2010..aku cek UPT ,anys bakal dapt adik ,hurmm macam x caye je..sebab dah 5bulan aku tak period,but it was accidentally happened ,my mum said might be coz of breastfeeding process,so period tak jalan but actually kitaran telur tu masih jalan even tak kuar ,hurm..what ever it is ,inilah kuasa tuhan yg paling agung ,Alhamdulillah

Saturday, June 26, 2010

ujian setelah sampai ke sarawak

yes,absolutely our school holiday was fun spending time wit family  frens,but yet God test us,sampai je Kuching my fren Anne said "Eja ,ur hubby's Citra x mo start,so we all waitin for her mother to pick us up seem she was at K.B

oo.i ll be continued my entry soon coz my baby anys mau nenen ,hehehe,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

hai o marketing?

thanks na belanje makan,mula2x syok jugakla dgr pasal hai o ,tapi tang marketing dia tu banyak syubhahnya .
jadi rasenye malasla nak join,jual brooch lagi best ,ihiik
cian anys kene tinggal ummi nangis tersedu sedu ..ok pas ni ummi x tinggal anys lagi k

birthday anys!

Monday, May 24, 2010

anys ....all about her smile..

cantik tak?inilah keghoje yg aku buat time jage exam budak tadi,ngantuk giler,then untuk menyegarkan mata buatla keje berfaedah ni (faedah la sangat)
ooo tomorrow must finish up my skema jawapan ok!
aNys wearing her busha pink in color!cute!