Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My favourite sports

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I am a big fan of sports.Speaking of sport, i thought of my hubby who likes sports a lot. At least he could name those sports artists which i could not. I only knew of David Beckham and Nicole David because both of them have their own credibility and a lot of fans including me!

Anyhow, i like to exercise once in a while but not too often unless I have partners or colleagues to be with me. Anyway, I prefer playing badminton. Basically im been influenced my family that choosed badminton when we have a leisure time.it keeps me healthy physically and mentally.Back to back,I could recall the time when i played badminton a few years back. I would have hand sore everytime after i played badminton because i played it once in a while. My muscle had not get used to it.But it doesnt change my hobby to play badminton until now :D Ohh..I think i could crap more if bowling or shopping are considered one of those sports.Other than badminton,I do burn my calories by having shopping every week and going up and down level three blocks at my school. Believe me its works!

So guys ,here some tips that I want to share with you all sportsman :D It you are too into the badminton game you will have so much fun and you will not get tired. But the longer you play the more sweat is release and it make you smell bad too. Due to that Adidas have produce many of their product that can help us in that as you can see in the picture. Don’t worry every time are save to use and you will smell absolutely nice and all the girls will come to chase you instead. Not only they provide deodorant but hair gel,shaving cream not for girls that i have use before and you will surprise how good it is and the smell is nice feel more man already.

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